Prisoner Care Program

Prisoner Care Program

The Prisoner Care Program (PCP)  supports Aboriginal prisoners and offenders upon pre and post release from prisons in South Australia.

The aim of PCP is to  reduce re-offending behaviours that lead back to incarceration. Our Aboriginal Case Workers are responsible for delivering pre, during and post release prisoner care services. The Case Worker develops individual case management plans and a criminogenic needs assessment for the clients. The identified needs will be addressed and they will be empowered  to address  them. 

Prisoners are referred from correctional facilities across metropolitan and regional South Australia from lawyers, advocates and the Department for Correctional Services (Aboriginal Liaison Officers, social workers and other professional staff  within  the SA prisons).  Other referrals included key agencies working with Aboriginal prisoners and offenders.

PCP offers the following:

  • matching referrals with PCP criteria
  • identifying the Aboriginal offender’s’ determination for positive change in their life
  • Intake and assessment
  • building rapport and trust
  • individual case management through implementing, monitoring and reviewing case management plans to achieve goals for post release from prison
  • engage with other services that support Alcohol and other Drug  counselling services, grief, loss and trauma counselling, family reunification, parenting programs and court support
  • providing culturally safe, sensitive and appropriate care services
  • advocacy
  • providing consistent support  to transition back into community safely
  • Initiating referrals for accommodation, employment, education and training
  • promoting cultural community event participation  

Contact PCP  on (08) 8113 3777 or Free call  1 800 643 222 

Image source: The image was kindly painted by an  ALRM’s client when in prison.