Help A Sista Out

ALRM has partnered with Nunga Mi-Minar (Northern Regional Aboriginal Domestic Violence and Family Violence Service)  to deliver the HELP A SISTA OUT program. 

The program supports the safety and legal needs of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander women and their children in the metropolitan, regional and remote regions of SA.  

ALRM provides outreach service in the northern region by setting up an office at Nunga Mi-Minar to ensure the safety and accessibility of services to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children. 

This partnership provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their children with:

  • Culturally safe and secure services for women and children living in metropolitan, regional and remote areas of South Australia
  • Legal education and information about family and domestic violence and how to keep safe
  • Applications to the courts for family law, debt and Centrelink problems
  • Going to court for you if the Department for Child Protection (DCP) removes your children
  • Going to the Tribunal for you if your landlord threatens eviction or is evicting you for debt, rent in arrears, disruption, non-residing or any damages to the house you are renting
  • Legal help if there are concerns about the children in your family/kin being cared for and you want to support them

Nunga Mi-Minar      

Contact:  (08) 8367 6474 (Mon- Fri, 9am – 5pm)


Contact: 1800 643 222 (Free Call 24/7)