Our vision and values

Justice Without Prejudice

The logo of the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement (ALRM) shows an Aboriginal shield with designs painted upon it. The shield very much represents the role of ALRM. We are there to protect Aboriginal people, to shield them by using the legal system to protect them and their interests from harm and to help them to assert their rights to establish their proud Aboriginal identity as citizens of the state of South Australia.

 Our motto, Justice Without Prejudice, encapsulates what our organisation strives to achieve. Through the provision of legal services and associated activities, ALRM promotes legal, cultural, economic, political and social rights for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as dispossessed peoples within South Australia.   

Our Vision

 To pursue social justice, equality, and wellbeing for the Aboriginal people of South Australia, especially for those Aboriginal people who are detained in police custody or imprisoned. 

Our Values

The traditional values of Care, Share and Respect underpin our commitment. We Care for the human and legal rights, safety and psychological well-being of our clients, their families and communities. We share a common understanding of our client needs and challenges and diligently strive to achieve high quality law and justice outcomes.

We respect the cultural diversity, values and beliefs of our clients, their families and communities and deliver confidential, innovative, professional and culturally competent legal assistance services.

Our Commitment

  • To advance the legal interests of the Aboriginal people of South Australia.
  • To ensure those interests and rights are protected by the law/lore and not adversely affected by abuse and misuse of any powers under the law.
  • To deliver high quality, culturally appropriate and accessible legal and reform services. 
  • To deliver effective community legal education.
  • Ensure that strong leadership and governance guides our management practices and procedures.
  • To recruit, train and retain skilled and culturally experienced staff. 
  • To build and sustain new and existing partnerships to maximise service delivery and quality outcomes for Aboriginal people using our services. 
  • Ensure excellent standards through continuous improvement in systems, skills and practice.