Board appointments

Aboriginal Community Board Members Wanted

The Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement. is currently seeking applications to fill 3 positions as Board Members. Two positions arise from casual vacancies and will last until the end of the former incumbent’s term. But all board members are eligible to reapply at the end of that term. The third position is for a full three- year term.

Written applications are invited from Aboriginal persons who reside in South Australia with knowledge and expertise in Law & Justice and Human Rights and the management of an ATSI Legal Service. It is a requirement that Board members be members of the company, and applications to join the company as a member, may be obtained from: Laura Gollan Executive Assistant to the CEO.

All applications for membership of the Board must address the following criteria:

• A statement that the applicant is not precluded from membership of the Board because of disqualification from managing a corporation under the Corporations Act or from being a responsible person, by the ACNC Commissioner within the previous 12 months.

• A statement that the applicant intends to reside in South Australia during the appointment and an undertaking to resign from the board if during the term of office, the applicant no longer resides in South Australia.

• Two referee statements

• A statement about the Applicant’s formal qualifications and experience relevant to the application.

• A statement that the applicant is not and has not been for 3 years an employee of ALRM

• A statement about the applicant’s existing board appointments and responsibilities, and full disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest that may arise for the applicant if appointed as a Director.

• A statement about the applicant’s knowledge and experience of Board membership for a company limited by guarantee that is registered as a charity with the ACNC.

• A statement by the applicant (but only if they were a former employee or contractor of ALRM) whether they were dismissed from their employment or contractor services or have taken legal proceedings against ALRM in respect of their employment or contract for services.

• a national police check must be provided.

In addition, the Board Appointment Committee would like to know about your knowledge and/or experience in any two of the following areas.

Criminal law; Civil and Family Law; Courts Administration
Youth Justice; Business Administration; Corporate Governance;
Delivery of legal services to the Aboriginal people of South Australia;
Corporations and Charities and not for Profit organisations.
Operation of a community controlled organisation as a community legal Centre law practice.

Please submit your applications to Ms Laura Gollan the Executive Assistant to the CEO at ALRM 321–325 King William Street Adelaide South Australia 5000 or to or make enquiries to her by ringing 81133777. All applications will be sent direct from the Executive Assistant to the Board Appointment Committee, an independent body that makes appointments from applications received.

You can find the ALRM constitution at

Applications should be received no later than Friday, 8 April 2022

ALRM 10 March 2022