Legal Services

Criminal Law

ALRM helps Aboriginal people who have come into contact with the Police or the Courts.   We provide representation, prison advice and after-hours custody advice service.

Our solicitors represent anyone charged with criminal offences across all jurisdictional levels from the Youth Court, Magistrates Court, District and Supreme Courts through to the Court of Criminal Appeal and the High Court of Australia.

The service extends from representation at police interview (through the after hours custody answering service), to advice and representation through committal, trial, sentencing, appeals before the courts and appearances before the Parole Board.

In addition to the head office in Adelaide, ALRM criminal lawyers are based at the following courts:

  • Elizabeth Magistrates Court – (08) 8287 4491
  • Port Adelaide Magistrates Court – (08) 8240 1048

Our Regional Offices are located at Port Augusta and Ceduna.

We have a circuit system covering the remote areas including the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands in the far north- west of the State.

Contact a Field Officer on (08) 8113 3777 or Free call 1800 643 222

Civil and family Law

Family Law and Child Protection

ALRM provides advice and representation in relation to Family Law issues concerning children’s matters when you separate from your partner. Lawyers also represent parents in care and protection proceedings when children are removed from families.  

Civil Law

Our lawyers can help you with a range of civil matters relating to compensation claims including discrimination, police complaints, victims of crime, personal injury and motor vehicle accidents. 

We also provide advice and legal representation relating to employment and Work Cover issues.

Contact  a Duty Solicitor on (08) 8113 3777 or Free call  1800 643 222