About ALRM

Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement (ALRM) is an independent Aboriginal community controlled organisation governed by an all Aboriginal Board. The Board of 10 members is appointed from Aboriginal communities from metropolitan and country centres across South Australia.

Through the provision of legal services and associated activities, ALRM promotes legal, cultural, economic, political and social rights for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as dispossessed peoples within South Australia.

ALRM’s major aim is to advance the legal interests of Aboriginal people in South Australia and to ensure that those interests and rights are protected by the law and not adversely affected by abuse or misuse of any powers under the law.

ALRM provides comprehensive legal advice and assistance through its staff lawyers and, where appropriate, private lawyers, to people of Aboriginal descent.

ALRM also acts as a lobby group, and where able, implements support programs that assist in addressing some of the issues known to contribute to Aboriginal people coming into contact with the criminal justice system.

We exist to pursue ‘Justice Without Prejudice’ for Aboriginal peoples of South Australia.

We provide excellence in legal and community services for our community members to enhance their legal, cultural, political and social rights by:

  • Ensuring SA Aboriginal community members legal and cultural needs are met
  • Providing community leadership and representation
  • Being responsive in our services to our communities
  • Encouraging participation in our activities
  • Seeking out and encouraging strength and unity
  • Pursuing collective rights and self-determination
  • Being accountable and transparent
  • Making governments are transparent and accountable
  • Protecting and promoting the Human and Inherent Rights of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples we serve
  • Building positive relationships with service providers and stakeholders