Prisoner Care Program (PCP)

The Prisoner Care Program (PCP) is administered through Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement (ALRM). PCP supports Aboriginal prisoners & offenders pre & post release.

Our aim is to mitigate the problem of offending & recidivism experienced with some of our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people.

How do we do this?

PCP works closely with Aboriginal Liaison Officers (ALOs) within the Department for Correctional Services (DCS), SA prisons & other stakeholders. We engage Aboriginal prisoners & offenders seeking an opportunity to ‘break the cycle of incarceration’ through intensive case management support.

We undertake this through:

  • Referrals
  • Building rapport
  • Intake & assessment
  • Holistic case planning re cultural, social and emotional well being
  • Implementing, monitoring & reviewing individual client case management plans
  • Providing culturally safe, sensitive & appropriate through care services
  • Supporting clients 3 months pre-release and up to 2 years post release
  • Provide advocacy & external referrals
  • Engaging service support providers i.e. AoD services, grief & loss, family reunification, parenting programs, court  support & supporting stable accommodation
  • Connecting with the client, their families, other stakeholders & community
  • Providing support to transition back into community whilst empowering the client to reach their goals and prevent re-offending behaviours
  • Initiating referrals for employment, education & training
  • Risk manage client involvement with alcohol & other drugs
  • Promoting community and cultural active participation

For further enquiries, please contact ALRM on (08) 8113 3777 to speak with the Coordinator Whakuna Kilner .